Day 0

Bad News, VA to Buxton, NC – 164.2 miles

I had hoped to get on the road by 10 am, but realistically expected a departure time of noon. I should have known we wouldn’t pull out of town until 3 pm. As usual, I severely under estimated how long it would take to wrap things up at home. But no worries, I have nothing but time.

All The Things
All The Things

The morning was spent saying goodbye to my mom, packing all the things, and making final touches to the bikes. After all that was done we rode by the pup’s foster family’s home and got one last face lick. We then hit the road with clear skies and headed south towards the Outer Banks of NC. It was an extremely uneventful ride on all paved roads and it was tempting to park the bikes to take a dip in the ocean when we got down to the beach. We pressed on and pulled into Buxton with a light drizzle coming down and a rainbow in the sky. I took this as a sign to forego camping and rest my sore rear in a cushy bed. We found dinner at a spot called Rusty’s Surf and Turf which had exactly what I needed…a couple cold beers and a bowl full of hush puppies.

Packed and Ready To Go
Packed and Ready To Go With A New ‘Do

Tomorrow will mark the official start of this adventure and the TAT. Just enjoy the ride.

Never A Bad Time

Today’s lesson: If your gear is tight at the start of the ride, it will have become a tourniquet by the end of the ride.

Real Time Tracking


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