Day 1

Buxton, NC to Kenansville, NC – 186.2 miles
We got up and had a good start this morning with a delicious cup of hotel room coffee and a Clif Bar for breakfast…yes, we are champions. The bikes were packed and on the road by 9 am so we could catch the ferry to Ocracoke Island. On the way to pick up the boat, we couldn’t resist a quick spin through the sand. We took a detour onto the beach to dip the boots in the Atlantic and test out our sand riding skills. Neither of us dumped a bike, so the breakfast did its job.  

The ferry ride took about 45 minutes and turned out to be really great. We met a guy named Andrew who’s taking a month to ride his bicycle from Richmond, VA to New Orleans. I thought our adventure was pretty epic…turns out we don’t hold a candle to this guy. 

To get completely off the islands, we had to hop on another ferry at 1 pm. Which meant there were over 2 hours to kill on Ocracoke. We tooled around the island for a while and enjoyed the low-key atmosphere as compared to the Nags Head area…it’s a completely different world down there. We grabbed some fish tacos for lunch at a local spot as we waited for the ferry. This ferry ride took closer to 2 hours 45 minutes and we were happy to meet up with our new pedal bike friend again. I caught up on a book while Naomi caught up on some sleep. We hopped off the boat on Cedar Island and parted ways with Andrew as we headed west and he continued south. The pavement went on for another 100 miles where we saw our first “end of state maintenance” sign. We were both beyond excited to hit some dirt and get out of the saddle for a bit. The dirt wound through old national forest, portions of which had recently been sold and harvested for timber. We managed to keep the bikes rubber side down through our first taste of mud puddles and minor trespassing. Hey, we were just following the GPS. 

The day ended at a B&W (bed and wine…which FYI is much better than a B&B) called The Country Squire we happened upon just as the sun was setting. The place is a restaurant, winery, and inn with a rather over the top atmosphere decorated with every and anything Scottish. Dinner was delicious and the cheesecake had an extra thick crust…need I say more. 

Today’s lesson: Potty trained adults are still susceptible to diaper rash. 

Map Entrance


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