Day 20

Moab, UT to Moab, UT – 6.2 miles

Even though we weren’t planning to make any miles on the trail today, we were up and going earlier than normal. The startling sound of an alarm clock made me cringe until I remembered the bikes had a date at the local moto shop and I’d hate to have a mechanic think he was stood up. 

Down the road we passed several large shops with showroom floors, big signs, and bikes out front. None of which was our destination. A couple miles later, the GPS had us turn into a neighborhood and I soon noticed a driveway with old wheels, broken glass bottles, twisted wire, and severed doll heads arranged in some sort of macabre art work. I suddenly became nervous that the date was a terrible mistake. A sign for Arrowhead Motorsports was located one or two houses down and we turned in with music from the Psycho shower scene playing in my head. 

Fred Hink met us behind his house and directed us to his workshop. As he rolled up the overhead door all fear for the wellbeing of my bike vanished. After an explanation that we needed new tires, a check of some squeaky parts, and a look at the front forks, Fred went to work. We struck up conversation and found that he does a lot of work on bikes traveling the TAT. One poor bike remained in his yard from a rider several weeks before who rode it hard, ran it dry, and left it broken and abused. 

Our choice of mechanic turned out to be perfect. He let us help with the repairs, showed us some tips and tricks, and answered a ton of questions we had. We shared lunch with him at a local restaurant surrounded by the red cliffs of the Moab desert. 

After getting the bikes a couple pair of brand new shoes, we ran around town to take care of some chores then stopped into the local brewery for a couple pints and a snack. Since we were nearly as far as we could possibly get from an ocean, we ordered calamari that I’m sure was fresh never frozen. Our last stop of the day was at Crossfit Moab to borrow their equipment and oil some kinks of our own. It worked like a charm and I feel like a brand new girl ready to see the rest of the Wild Wild West. 

Today’s lesson: Scheduled maintenance is needed for squeaky joints on bikes and bodies alike. 



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