Day 22

Green River, UT to Green River, UT (by way of Helper, UT) – 144.8 miles 

Last night we were able to find a shop about an hour away that could get a fuel pump in hand first thing this morning. I was pretty stoked that we’d only be stalled one day and made a point to be up early. I still had a mean headache from yesterday’s stellar journey and wasn’t thinking straight, but locked the hotel room, grabbed a key, and walked to the coffee shop for some liquid medicine. 

The coffee was great as was their rendition of green eggs and ham. While we were eating, the shop called and said my parts had arrived. I quickly finished my food and walked back to the hotel where I reached in my pocket for the key, but pulled out the one for my motorcycle instead.

I went across the parking lot to the office for a spare and found it locked with the shades drawn. I then looked for one of the housekeepers. Despite evidence they had started the day’s job, they were nowhere to be found. We waited over an hour for someone, anyone to show up. It never happened. Finally, a lady living in the hotel told us the owner doesn’t return until 3 pm, she didn’t have a phone number for him, and had no idea where the housekeepers were. Must be on break until 2:45.

We checked the door for the hundredth time and tried to pry the windows open, but the place was tighter than a facelift. Feeling defeated without a halligan or axe laying around, we sat down to wait until the owner returned. I then remembered there was a bathroom window we hadn’t yet checked. We hopped a fence, climbed a chair, pulled out the screen, and by a miracle opened the window. Naomi hoisted herself up the eight feet, contorted her body, and slithered through the 10×20″ window without giving herself a swirly in the toilet on the way down. 

A couple hours later I had parts in hand and made the delivery to my A1 mechanic. Naomi already had my bike torn down with the gas tank off. She went to work and in no time had it all put back together. A short test ride proved the quality of her work and we ended the day with dinner at the best restaurant in town. 

Today’s lesson: Persistence is key.
Here Again


7 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Wouldn’t happen to be a 2008 bike would it? I just read that 2008’s were likely to have problems with the fuel pump in hot weather. No doubt you’ve seen the same info… Way to take care of business! Saved an hour or 2 labor charge too.


  2. I have to tell you that Susie and I are so enjoying this vacation! No really we look forward to seeing what happened each day. You my friend are a great writer and you make it so easy to see thru your eyes. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, we are having a great time! LOL – We can’t wait for your Dad to come in each day so we can discuss the latest adventure. Be Safe and looking forward to the day’s ride. Oh by the way I really wish you had posted a picture of all those doll heads you saw LOL!

    Debbie McIntosh and Susie Martin


    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the reads. I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been to write them and keep a record of this journey. I wish I had taken that picture too…kicking myself now.


  3. Katie,

    I have been enjoying your blog since your Dad told me about it! What an incredible adventure you and Naomi are having . Your pictures are awesome and your
    blogs tell a wonderful story of each magnificent sight you and Naomi are visiting.
    Todays adventure shares the trials and tribulations of repairing products that have broken down. You are both amazing!

    Katie your scenery is spectacular and your descriptions are priceless. You should consider after your journey selling a few of your pictures and blogs to hiking magazines, sports magazines, travel magazines, National Geographic’s,etc.

    Travel safely,

    Madeline Frank


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and I’m ecstatic you’re enjoying the read. It’s great to hear from you after so many years. And I have to say Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor still plays in my head.


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