Day 32

Summer Lake, OR to Crescent, OR – 93.7 miles

We planned today to be short mileage and took time to fill our bellies to the brim, then packed up for the ride. The rain and clouds from yesterday had moved on, but the cold remained. Temps read 47 degrees with an expected high of 60, so we made sure to bundle up and mentally prepare for another ride through the Pacific Northwest. 

Before we left, Naomi decided she needed an extra layer of warmth but was out of clothes to pile on. Determined to find something, she dug through her items and eventually pulled out a sleeping bag. She then proceeded to drape it over her shoulders like a poncho, tucked it into her riding suit, and zipped the whole package up like an overstuffed suitcase. She was literally bursting at the seams and I still don’t know how she managed to breathe, much less get on and ride a motorcycle. 

The ride started with us backtracking to Silver Lake where we found the trail and headed across Oregon’s high desert. We rode on rocky double track through open fields as we headed toward the Deschutes National Forest. Our sand trials continued the whole way with each of us taking involuntary detours off the road.

The national forest looked rough and the fire roads looked more like logging roads. The trees were thinned with cut stumps, felled timber, and piles of debris making up a majority of the scenery. We stopped for our picnic among the sights where we found a quiet spot to sit and eat our flaming hot Cheetos and paleo nut bars. The food combination provided the perfect fuel to perk us up for our last 40 miles. 

We pushed through the rest of the traveling to Crescent where we grabbed a couple local microbrews and dinner. The dinner special was delicious, but was missing a flaky roll and a doughboy to poke. 

Today’s lesson: You don’t always get dysentery while traveling the Oregon trail. 

The Final Countdown


2 thoughts on “Day 32

  1. I’m not sure how Naomi stuffed that sleeping bag into her riding suit! LMAO love the pic! Be safe, stay warm & enjoy the remainder of your ride!


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